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The Crestor class action lawsuit is turning out to be a favorite among claimants who are seeking compensation from AstraZeneca; first among their considerations is the advantages a class action offers when compared to an individual lawsuit. As a statutory statement though, AstraZeneca betrayed the trust bestowed upon them by their clientele when they openly deceived them on their new product, Crestor.

Since its release in 2006, this drug has been a source of pain and regrettable conditions in the consumers; the side effects it inflicts on the consumer are of a serious nature and have been known to result in fatality especially where the affected individuals were unaware of the harms imposed on them by this drug.

Naturally, people are known to lean on products whose advantages ease the burden in their lives. Crestor was thought to be one such product; by effectively reducing bad cholesterol levels and increasing the good cholesterol levels, this drug manages heart attacks, strokes and other related ailments.

Statistically, 20 million Americans each year have a doctor’s prescription to use such statins and manage their cholesterol levels. AstraZeneca saw an opportune moment to rake in abnormal profits at the expense of the consumer’s health; now, it is the ripe time for you to be enjoined in a Crestor class action lawsuit and receive your settlement.

Good morals dictate that you follow up with such wrong doers and have them compensate you for having deliberately taken advantage of your situation to make money; your health is of utmost importance and you should first train your guns in rectifying your present condition. Joining a Crestor class action lawsuit places you the claimant in a position to receive reimbursement; such funds are then used in leveling accrued medical bills and they also act as caution money should a related medical condition arise.

Why join a Crestor class action lawsuit?

As opposed to popular belief, a class action offers more pros then cons. This grouping is comprised of individuals who share the same interest and most likely suffer the same side effects as a result of consuming Crestor. A class action attracts more attention from the court as it is often a sign of a wide spread evil deed. The offender, in this case AstraZeneca, faces multiple charges of deceit amongst others; the presiding judge sees it fit to punish them forcefully seeing that their actions have ended up affecting the lives of many individuals. A Crestor class action lawsuit is headed by a reputable attorney whose experience in such matters undoubtedly counts in the outcome of the lawsuit.

The attorney in charge will require a fully detailed medical report from each member of the class and ascertain their admission into the class. He or she then builds a strong case whose main source of evidence is the medical assessments; a successful class action lawsuit should clearly show an already developed pattern as far as the individual cases go.

Joining a Crestor class action lawsuit however demands that the applicants let go off say in the proceedings; you as an individual will not have direct involvement with the proceedings as this might compromise on the outcome of the lawsuit. On the bright side, the attorney in charge will only ask for payment if the lawsuit is successful; such payments are calculated as an agreed percentage of the total amount realized in the form of a settlement. All the class members have an equal stake when it comes to sharing the settlement awarded to the by the court.

The side effects which would win a Crestor class action lawsuit

As your attorney will advice the class members, only the serious side effects associated with Crestor add the needed weight in a lawsuit; the mild side effects are however not to be ignored; they aid in building a pattern which leaves no doubt that Crestor is to be blamed for the claimants’ woes.

The mild Crestor side effects do not pose immediate harm to the affected individual; their persistent tenure in the body however does eventually. Have you consumed Crestor and ended up having serious headaches and joint pains? Have your doctor assess your situation. Other mild side effects include nausea, vomiting, mild muscle pains and slight depressions.

The serious Crestor side effects are reputed for winnings settlements to the claimants’ relief; the presiding judge is left with no doubt that the claimants deserve the settlement in order to take charge of their deteriorating medical situations. The settlement-winning side effects include;

Rhabdomyolyis (tissue deterioration)

This is the breaking down of the muscular tissue in the victim’s body. Muscles are responsible for every body movement and as such, mobility is greatly inhibited by this condition. Research has shown that the consumption of Crestor leads to this condition in the eventuality; the condition is worsened when the disengaged muscle tissues find their way into the bloodstream. If by any chance the sediments get deposited in the individual’s kidney, the harm caused is untenable. These delicate organs might even have to be expunged from the body; such an action is expensive, a cost which can be covered quite comfortably through funds availed in form of a settlement.

Myopathy (muscle pains)

This condition, as the name suggests, is characterized by sharp muscle pains throughout the individual’s body; such pains are as a result of the breaking down of the muscular tissue. The affected individual immediately views mobility as a challenge and if left to fester, this condition is pretty hard to tame.

Liver damage

The liver is a digestive organ whose role in the body cannot be executed by any other organ; its vitality cannot be over emphasized. If you have been diagnosed to have this condition, kindly join a Crestor class action lawsuit and stand a chance at receiving a settlement to reverse your medical condition.

Type 2 Diabetes

This is a particularly sensitive ailment; the affected individual is burdened with the task of managing his or her blood sugar levels. Normally, this would take the expertise of a nutritionist whose services come at a cost. A settlement would for sure come in handy, you must agree.


Closely related to myopathy, this condition affects the heart muscles and can easily lead to cardiac arrest amongst a myriad of other related heart complications.

Memory loss

Crestor consumers are also at an elevated risk of suffering from memory loss. As a precautionary measure; contact your doctor immediately if you have problems recalling past events, surroundings or even family members.

Contact us Now if you’ve suffered from Crestor Side Effects

AstraZeneca, Crestor’s manufacturer, is wholesomely accountable for the negative side effects engulfing their clientele; they are the architect of all the pain and misery. Have them compensate you through filing a Crestor class action lawsuit today.

Crestor Settlement

Are you Eligible to Receive a Crestor Settlement?

If you’ve been severely impacted by the use of this drug, you may be eligible to receive a Crestor Settlement. Many patients have been consuming Crestor tablets, which are a member of the statin drug class, to reduce the cholesterol levels in their body. This drug, also known as rosuvastatin, helps the users decrease the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, conditions linked to high cholesterol levels. However, the manufacturer of the drug, Astra Zeneca, failed to notify consumers of the risks associated with Crestor use. People trusted the FDA’s approval and began use of the drug.

Crestor Side Effects

In some cases, consumers experienced severe reactions to the drug, developing conditions such as:

  • Acute kidney injury
  • Liver damage 
  • Muscle pain 
  • Type II Diabetes 
  • Cardio Myopathy 
  • Heart Attack
  • Abdominal pain

If you or your loved is one among the millions who have experienced the serious side effects of the pill, then you can seek our law firm’s help and file a lawsuit against the pharma company to get Crestor Settlement.

Crestor Settlement Advice

The damaging side effects of this statin by Astra Zeneca has greatly affected the normal lives of people that most are bed ridden while some are making frequent visits to hospitals and clinical facilities for medical tests and to cure their condition. These highly expensive procedures have eaten up all the savings of people and have left them in poverty and debts. If you are facing one such problem due to the side effect of the Crestor tablet, then you can avail our services to get advice on the settlement against this Crestor drug. In addition to this, our lawyers will tell you about the various criteria so that you get the compensation as settlement. We have many years of experience to our credit. So, you need not worry for a single thing.

Considerations for Crestor Settlement:

When you will avail our legal services, our attorney would tell you that the most critical thing is to know whether you are eligible for such settlement by checking your medical history. This is to make sure that you did not have the possibility of developing the side effects before starting using the drug. This is essential as the attorneys of Astra Zeneca can argue that the link between the anti cholesterol drug and the side effects experienced is not clear. Another factor to consider is the patient’s awareness about the serious side effects while taking the drug. Our attorney will tell you how to tackle such arguments and convey your views in the right way.

Out of court or pre-trial Crestor Settlement:

When you seek our services, we can assure you that our lawyers would always be ready to serve you when you need them. We make sure that out lawyer advises you about the sum to ask in case the manufacturing company likes to settle the issue by opting for a out of court settlement or a pretrial Crestor Settlement.

Crestor Class Action Lawsuit

Crestor Class Action Lawsuit

Astra Zeneca, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Crestor is facing Crestor Class Action Lawsuit these days as its cholesterol lowering drug has some adverse side effects. This drug was approved by FDA in 2003 and was prescribed in small dosages to patients to bring own their higher levels of cholesterol. This pill belongs to a statin class genre as it eliminates the need of LDL formation in the liver. The aim of administering this drug to patients was to rule out heart diseases. However, this drug is found to have many side effects that are quite dangerous for human health. Many patients with side effects such as rhabdomyolisis, heart diseases and kidney failure were reported even before FDA issued a warning.

What is a Crestor Class Action Lawsuit

Are you wondering what is Crestor Class Action Lawsuit? Yes! Then you must know that it is a class action lawsuit that is filed on behalf of a group of individuals who have been affected by a common issue or injured by any particular reason. Our law firm on your behalf represents this class and the case would be generally decided based on the information provided by a single member of the class who is also referred as the class rep or class representative. Symptoms covered by the lawsuit:
heart attack

  • Abdominal pain
  • Acute kidney injury
  • Liver damage
  • Cardio Myopathy
  • Rhabdomyolisis  (Muscle pain)
  • Type II diabetes

If you or a family member has been affected by the list above,  then we will help you file Crestor Class Action Lawsuit against the manufacturer of the tablet. You can contact our law firm, provide us with some basic information about you by filling up the form available and submit it. We will immediately allot an experienced attorney who will guide you to file a lawsuit to claim your compensation. People also suffer from other symptoms like yellow skin, dark urine, fatigue, loss of appetite and abdominal discomfort. Such people can surely file the class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant.

Are you eligible for Crestor Class Action Lawsuit?

If you have suffered from the side effect of muscle damage or rhabdomyolisis, then you should know that it might lead to the deterioration of the muscle mass from the body. This can damage the muscle and lead to complications in the kidney. You would also notice a few symptoms like tenderness, swelling and weakness. The treatment for such serious medical conditions would be very expensive, as you would require dehydration, medications and drugs to disintegrate myoglobin in the body. You will require a lot of cash to treat this condition, which is very difficult to earn, especially if you are the only earning member in your family. All these things will be taken care properly if you seek our services to file class action lawsuit. Have you suffered from some other major side effects of this drug? Yes! Don’t worry! Then also you are fully qualified to file Crestor Class Action Lawsuit to claim the sum of reimbursement. We make sure that all the individuals involved in the class action lawsuit are rightly compensated. In one word, our motto is to put an end to all your sufferings, mental trauma and any other kind of disability.

Crestor Attorney

Claim The Settlement You Deserve with the Help of Crestor Attorney

Our Crestor Attorneys represents patients who were administered the powerful statin drug, Crestor to lower the levels of cholesterol in their body and experienced severe side effects. Castor also called as Rosuvastatin was approved by the FDA and was introduced in 2003. This drug was advised by doctors to patients to control their cholesterol levels and to prevent incidents like stroke and heart attack. However, researchers have indicated that the anti cholesterol drug has the ability to trigger serious medical conditions that can have fatal effect.

Approval of this drug was delayed by a year by the FDA as it had expressed concerns over the drug as it had a tendency to cause kidney and muscle damage that can lead life-threatening state. After its introduction in the market, the reports of various severe Crestor side effects were reported such as:

  •  Acute kidney injury
  •  Liver damage
  •  Muscle pain
  •  Type II Diabetes
  •  Cardio Myopathy
  •  Heart Attack
  • Abdominal pain

In addition, one patient who consumed this drug died succumbing to its side effects. This made FDA to issue an alert to the public to let them know about the potential side effects of the drug. The risk remains even now, as the drug is still in sales and is consumed by many patients, as there has not been any recall of the drug. Countless victims and families have suffered tremendous loss as well as pain owing to the drug and have approached our Crestor Attorney to get reimbursement for the losses faced by the drug use. Our dedicated teams of lawyers are highly experienced and well qualified and they know the nuances to decipher the right amount of compensation, which includes the trauma, pain, suffering, physical and mental torture that the patients have undergone after using Crestor.

Why do you need Crestor Attorney?

If you or your loved one is a victim of this drug Crestor then you would have experienced the life changing condition that would have left you ad your family members tired and mentally drained. Our attorney will take care of your needs. Moreover, they will help you know how you are eligible for the compensation, how to file a lawsuit along with the legal proceedings in the Court of law. He will make sure that you have the entire necessary document to support your claim. He will also advise you the way you must answer the questions asked at the court by the defending attorney.

Effective case representation by Crestor Attorney:

If you have any concerns regarding facing the Court and legal proceedings, you can be assured that our lawyer will represent the case on your behalf and will put all the points in your favor at the Court. We completely realize our responsibility as a law firm and make sure you get a good amount of compensation from the manufacturer, AstraZeneca. As it is a giant in the industry, the company would have a strong team of attorneys who will try every rule in the law to defend the company. Our Crestor Attorney makes sure that all the legal issues are dealt in an expert way and helps you to be entitled a big sum of compensation money within a short period.

Crestor Side Effects

Are You Suffering From Crestor Side Effects? File a Lawsuit

There has been lots of news going on about Crestor side effects these days. Crestor is a statin drug that was used to lower the levels of cholesterol in your body in order to reduce the risk of deadly medical conditions like heart attack or stroke. However, this drug was found to trigger various serious side effects that were life threatening in nature. These risks associated with this drug, Crestor were far more than any other drug that belonged to statin class as it often caused serious complication that were fatal.

Crestor side effects experienced by patients:

Studies on this drug Crestor manufactured by AstraZeneca have revealed that it can lead to both common side effects that statin drugs usually cause along with a few serious complications.The common complications are:• Nausea• Muscle pain• Constipation• Weakness and stomach painThe serious side effects that can even lead to death sometimes are:• Heart Attack• Abdominal pain• Acute kidney injury• Liver damage• Cardio Myopathy • Muscle pain • Type II Diabetes These serious Crestor side effects are found to be most common among many people, such as heavy drinkers, Asians, Asian Americans, patients who are taking other medications such as antacids and also those who have weak liver and kidney issues. The FDA has received many reports about various side effects associated with this drug. The symptoms reported by patients are muscle aches, nausea, weakness, stomach pain, muscle tenderness, constipation, dark urine, malaise and fever.

How are these Crestor side effects caused?

Damage to the muscles:

Crestor can cause rhabdomyolisis, which is a condition that can cause muscle damage, which can be deadly if left untreated or long periods. When muscles decay, it releases creatine or potassium substance in big quantities within the blood stream. A study on the drug conducted by public citizen said that Crestol could increase the risk of this muscle damaging condition by 22 times more than other competitors in the market, even with the lowest dosage.

Effect on the heart:

This is one of the major side effects caused by the medication. As the drug belongs to a statin class, it has the ability to lower the levels of CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 among patients. When this enzyme is depleted in the human body, patients would have side effects such as muscle cramps, muscle aches and spasms. This is because this enzyme is an antioxidant that is highly beneficial for the muscles. Clinical trials about these side effects caused by Crestor reveal that it can lead to immoderate heartbeats, congestive heart failure and angina. The range of heart failure can range from I to IV.

Need to file Crestor lawsuits:

If you are one among the millions who are suffering from the Crestor side effects then we will help you to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug, AstraZeneca and get an amount of compensation for the suffering and pain undergone by you. You just need to fill in out service form and avail our services right away. Though we fully realize that money alone cannot buy all the sufferings you have undergone these days, we make sure that the sum is more than enough to treat your condition and feed your family when you are not earning.

Crestor Lawsuit

Crestor Lawsuit: Assistance with filing a Lawsuit

Crestor is a drug that that has lowered high cholesterol for the individual. It is in the category of drugs called statins which aim to reduce bad cholesterol and raise HDl or so called good cholesterol. It has helped some individuals get their cholesterol under control and cholesterol control is important in reducing the risks of heart attacks and strokes.  There is no doubt that Crestor has been good for some individuals, at the same time there have been others who have been harmed by this drug.  To successfully win a Crestor Lawsuit, you will need to get professional assistance to get the compensation you deserve from the drug manufacturing company, which in this case is AstraZeneca.

Crestor Side Effects for a Crestor Lawsuit

Crestor LawsuitSome of the reported Crestor side effects from patients taking the prescription have included:

  • Acute kidney injury
  • Liver damage
  • Muscle pain
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Cardio Myopathy
  • Heart attack
  • Abdominal pain.

Obviously these are unintended consequences of taking the drug, and have caused individuals some serious complications and a few deaths along the way.Some of the many reasons that individuals will take advantage of a Crestor Lawsuit may be to get help with ongoing medical bills and assistance as a result of taking this drug.

More Crestor Side Effects for a Crestor Lawsuit

Crestor is also indicated also in a serious condition by the name of Crestor Rhamydmosis. It causes muscle damage and kidney damage to individuals.
The problem is that Crestor has many side effects some of which have been known for quite some time. This drug was marketed against the concerns of some physicians and consumer protection groups. The product has been known to cause high blood pressure, kidney failure and a whole host of deleterious side effects that can wreak havoc on the body. Many people have been damaged by the use of Crestor. Filing Crestor Lawsuits can be helpful for individuals to get the compensation they deserve from taking a harmful drug.

Filing a Crestor Lawsuit

The harmful effects of Crestor are no new problem. These side effects have been evident within 5 months of the drugs approval. Consequently these are side effects that have been a known problem or quite sometime. A Crestor Lawsuit may be filed anywhere in the nation. It is not too late to file if you have been harmed by the drug.
Individuals are looking to find out what to do in order to sue AstraZenca the drug manufacturer. Individuals who have medical evidence and feel that they have been harmed by Crestor can file out a free claim review form, and can have their claim evaluated by filling out this simple form online. Our medical claim company can take a look a this form and inform you whether you may be eligible for a claim against the drug company. It is simple form to fill out and one that can help you decide whether or not you may be eligible for compensation from the drug company.

These are some of the methods that individuals can use to to get compensation to help alleviate pain and suffering.  A Crestor Lawsuit can provide help for you if you have suffered harm from the effects of Crestor. It is very important to follow up on damages you may have incurred while using this potentially harmful drug. If you are taking Crestor or have taken Crestor you too, may be eligible to take part in a lawsuit against the makers of Crestor who have know for quite sometime this was a potentially damaging substance, yet continued to market it to an unsuspecting public. Several consumer groups were and are lobbying the FDA to remove it form the list of approved drugs, so that is something that can be used in court. Damages are something that can be remedied by a medical review company.

Crestor Lawsuit Free Case Review

As mentioned previously, hundreds if not thousands of people are using medical claims companies to file lawsuits on their behalf. These companies specialize in drug suits so individual that will have an experienced team on their hands. It is very simple to get started. As mentioned,Simply go to our website, fill in some basic information and have our representatives evaluate your claim and information. This is a simple solution to which could be a complex problem.

Many people have gone to attorneys to help them solve their injury or problem with Crestor. A Crestor Lawsuit may be filed by an attorney as well. However, it is simpler to do it online. These are some of the things that you may wish to investigate when you need to get some compensation for the injuries you may have had resulting from Crestor. No one especially likes being involved in a lawsuit, but when you have suffered damages as a result of using a “safe drug” finding companies that can help with your problems are good to go to. Use these companies as an alternative to damages caused by Crestor.

Complete out Free Crestor Lawsuit Form Today

It only takes a few minutes of time for individuals who potentially will need compensation for damages suffered while taking this drug. If you have been victimized unknowingly by taking Crestor, filing a claim against the drug company is well within your right to do, and something that you should seriously consider. If you have been an unwitting victim simply use our claim form to set up a potential claim. Use our company to help you with your lawsuit and take all the stress and fees out of meeting with attorneys and having to repeat all the details of your situation over and over again.

Should you need continued medical treatment because of your use of Crestor, we can help you receive it. Use our quick claim form have your claim evaluated a and get an answer back about your Crestor Lawsuit, and what you should do, quickly conveniently and easily. It is simply a good thing to do and and to take advantage of should you have been damaged by this medication. A Crestor Lawsuit can be something that is instrumental in getting you the compensation you deserve.